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Eco - Treks

Our Eco-treks are sustainable and eco-friendly. They help support local people and help to protect the forest from deforestation.


Eco Treks

Sustainable Eco Treks

Join an eco trek and discover the hiddens fragmented forests around Landak River. 

Located just 4km from the main touristic area of Bukit Lawang and surrounded by the mountains of the Gunung Leuser National Park, it offers a different trekking experience. Be enticed by the clean, slow flowing river and mosaic of environments.


The agro-forests and fragmented forest patches are hidden within huge limestone rock formations, typical of a Karst forest. This unique environment, with geological features of  towering limestone rocks, cave systems and  streams create a diverse environment which is rich in biodiversity.

Explore these forests patches with us to help conserve the delicately balanced ecosystem.

Why You'll love these eco treks

Before Your Trip

Why you'll love these eco treks

  • No established trails, only small animal trails to follow giving a truely wild experience 

  • Observe wild orangutans in the trees showing natural behaviour

  • There are Silver-leaf monkeys, which can often see seen sitting in the rubber plantations. These are generally not seen in the national park.

  • To protect the environment and not scare the animals we only take 1 - 3 people in a group

Is this trek right for you?
  • We employ the local landowners to be the guides, along with our certified guides to show you these extraordinary forests patches

  • You are supporting sustainable ecotourism development in the Landak River area, which helps to preserve the area and its wildlife

  • These limestone rocks and forest patches have their own heat and moisture conditions, meaning they are generally free of mosquitoes

  • Wild orchids grown on the forest, and many other flowers and medicinal plants can be found growing 

Is this trek suitable for you?

  • ​A reasonable level of fitness is essential, as the trek involves some short uphill climbs, walking across rocks and scrambling through cave systems

  • Suitable for solo travelers, couples or friends looking for a different experience

  • For people that want to experience a real trek in different environments, to take it the natural environment and observe animals with natural behaviour. This is not for selfies, feeding animals or large groups. There are wild animals, which need to be observed from a distance and respected 

  • There are prickly plants and poisonous stinging plants in the jungle, but by wearing long leaves top and long trousers will help to prevent getting scratched or pricked

Half day eco - trek


COST: Rp 350,000 

DURATION: 3 - 4 hours

START: 7am up to 12 noon

GROUP SIZE:   1 - 3 people


Half Day Eco -Trek

A 3 - 4 hour trek in the hidden forests at Batu Kelinci. It is also a great option to follow after having done a trek in the Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang.


  • Start 7am

  • Choose to walk (40 minutes) or take a motorbike ride to Landak River. This will take you through small scale agricultural land, rubber and oil palm plantations

  • Arrive at Landak River. Small hike up a small ridge and through a rubber plantation

  • Descend down into the towering limestone rocks and forest

  • Trek through the forest, through cave systems and scrambling over rocks

  • Look at footprints in the mud, search for wild orangutans, learn about the local flowers and medicinal plants 

  • Visit a huge straggling fig tree

  • The trek will finish with an option to swim in the river and relax before returning to Bukit Lawang


Certified Guide or local guide

Motorbike ride with helmet

Seasonal fruits


Combine this trek with a 1/2 day trek in the jungle (morning or afternoon) and get 5% off!

Combine with another activity in the afternoon and get 10% off:

Yoga Class

Bat Cave

Eco-Farm Tour

Eco-walking Village Tour