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Why Choose Sumatra EcoVentures

Don't just come and see North Sumatra..... make it better and contribute to making it change

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About Us

Why Us?

Welcome to North Sumatra

Sumatra EcoVentures is a small organisation and a social enterprise, running a sustainable ecotourism business in North Sumatra. The aim is that everyone involved will benefit. 

We understand what its like to jet off to a far distance places, to seek incredible sites and amazing cultures. Louise the founder of Sumatra Ecoventures has been doing it for the last 20 years. We know what travellers want! - treks & tours at the right price, tours with plenty of rest time and add-ons and a mix of culture and local secret locations. 

Eco and responsible trekking and tours is what we do - Lets tred lightly and reduce our impact on the environment whilst we travel! Small groups, unique adventures and sustainable travel.


We stand by this quote:

"Leave only footprints, take only photographs, keep nothing but memories "


Our Guides and Our People

The best people to show you around, of course, are the local people. Our trekking guides are trained and members of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation. Our people are friendly and are the travel experts. They know their places, their jungle like the back of their hand. They are the ones with the local knowledge and will all be happy to explain about their ethnic origins, cultures and history of their place, making each trek, tour or adventure informative and an authentic experience. They are the true warriors of Sumatra EcoVentures, always with smile on their face.

Our Guides & People
Our Credibility

Our Credibility

Sumatra EcoVentures is concerned about you and our guides health and safety. All our jungle guides in Bukit Lawang are trained and certified by the Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation (HPI). They receive regular training through this organisation. Some have more than 10 years experience as trekking guides. Our local guides are professional who know their place well and will certainly take good care of you.

All our guides carry a full First Aid Kit during treks and tours, which are checked and replenished before each trip. Our aim is to have them properly trained in first aid precedure. All guides carry mobile phones in case of an emergency. 


Our Responsibility

Our Responsiblity

Sumatra EcoVentures is aware of our and our guests impact on the environment and we take our responsbility for eco-friendly and sustainable tourism seriously. We reduce the amount of plastic we use by using banana leaf and tuberware. We aim to offer branded reuseable plastic bottle for trekking. Our team is dedicated to keeping their environment clean, picking up rubbish during treks. Any plastic wrapping is used to make eco-bricks.

Responsible travel is what we are about - environmnetal, economic and social responsibility.

Comnunity-based Tourism

We strongly believe that to be sucessful we need to promote and support local people and communities. We bring guests to these people and places offering accommodation, cooking classes, walking tours, activities and handicrafts shops. These not only provide you with an real authentic and fulfilling experience but provides income for them and our guides get a fair salary also. We encourage our guests to join these unique activities and tours during your holiday.

In the long term, if we can continue to grow and help more communities, then this makes us more sustainable!

Communtiy-based Tourism
Purpose before Benefit

Purpose before Profit

As Sumatra EcoVentures was formed, we knew that helping local people and communities had to be part of our business model. That our eco - friendly and responsible treks and tours could help the local economy. All our guides are given a fair salary and as we grow, they are given the opportunity to further education and training. A percentage of our profits from jungle treks and tours are shared with local people making a difference and local environmental education classes and projects. Once we become more established, we aim to plough more profits back into the local commnunity. The more guests we have, the more successful our company - which is better for the people.

 Although we do our part, it is just as much as the traveller, YOU, to do your part as a responsible traveller. Research before about the place you are to visit, try to learn about the local culture and customs and respect this when travelling. Try to give something back, volunteer your time, even if only for a few hours. There are a few volunteering opportunites in Bukit Lawang.


Sumatra, like a lot of Asian countries are over-run with rubbish and plastic. Bring with you resuable cutlery and straw, a resuable water bottle and fabric bag for shopping. If your a smoker, buy a small container to put your cigarettes butts in. Our Visitors Information page for North Sumatra gives some information on this.  

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