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Jungle Mountain View

Longer Treks

Get a real jungle experience by trekking for several days, moving camp each night. These treks are for the physical fit and for the real adventurer



Longer treks

Go Deeper into the Jungle
Truly experience the jungle with a longer trek

Longer treks are for people who want a real adventure, want to push physical boundaries and want to experience the jungle fully. Go deeper in the jungle and immerse yourself with nature. Trek up and down mountainous lush tropical rainforests, passing through beautifully clean rivers and waterfalls. 

Learn about the jungle ecosystem, the wildlife and the many medicinal plants that local people still use today. Guests will get a better chance of seeing White-handed Gibbons, Siamang Gibbons, maybe Sunbears or a Slow Loris, or if you are really lucky Elephants. Every night a new camp will be set up where you will eat dinner from an open fire and sleep under the canopy of the forest with the sounds of frog, toads, crickets and cicadas.

Why you'll love an longer trek
  • You will trek deeper into the national park and explore more of the jungle, coming off the well established trails

  • Likely to see more species of animals

  • Learn more about the local plant life and animals

  • Camp at a different site each night. Can explore the river bank​

  • Come across small river and likely to visit waterfalls

  • The jungle will be more dense especially with the 4 - 7 days treks. Experience more up-hill hikes, reach higher mountains

  • Enjoy dinner cooked over an open fire 

  • Truly wild experience

Is this trek suitable for you?
  • Need to be healthy and fit. Lots of steep uphill and downhill climbs so good to high fitness needed.
  • Suitable for solo, couples or friends and families
  • For anyone looking to spend a night in a rainforest environment
Why you will love these treks
Is this trek suitable for you?

3 Days Trek


Cost: IDR 2,890,000 idr per person (based on 2 or more people)

Private 2 people: IDR 4,250,000 p/p

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Group Size: 3-6 perons

Fitness: Moderate

Included: permit fee and registration, certified guides, porters, camping equipment, all food whilst trekking, fruit & snacks, rafting back


Enjoy a 3 day trek and 2 nights in the jungle. 


Trekking will begin at 9am, entering the Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang. The first day will take you through the local jungle with established trails. Eat lunch at the top of the mountain.


You will learn more about the diversity of the jungle and there's a higher chance of seeing wild orangutans on day 2. There are more up and downhill hikes, but there will be plenty of chances to rest.


Camp at two different camps and be served a delicious dinner cooked over a camp fire. Swim in the river, enjoy the evening playing cards with your guides or just listen to the jungle sounds.


The last day, you will relax at camp and prepare to come back by rafting tube rafting.

6 Days trek


Cost: IDR 6,680,000 p/p  (2 or more people) 

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

Group Size: 2 - 6 perons

Fitness: Medium - High

Included: permit fee & registrations, certified guides, porters, camping equipment, all food, fruit & snacks, rafting back

Enjoy 6 days in the jungle and sleep for 5 nights.

This trek is not for the faint hearted, its long, tiring but incredible.

Each day will bring you deeper into the jungle and bring you to some amazing, peaceful views and rivers. There's more chance of hearing and seeing White-handed Gibbons as well as Siamang. You may be blessed with seeing Hornbills, tortoises, turtles, fungi.

As you are deeper in the jungle you may come across Elephant footprints, poop and maybe able to hear them.

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4 Days Trek


Cost: IDR 4,250,000 p/p (based on 2 or more people)

Private 2 people: IDR 6,250,000

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Group Size: 3-6 persons

Fitness: Moderate - Hight

Included:  permit fee and registration, certified guides, porters, camping equipment, all food whilst trekking, fruit & snacks, rafting back

Enjoy 4 days trekking and 3 nights sleeping in the jungle.

The trekking will take the same course as a 3 day trek but you will camp for an extra night in a different place. The extra day will bring you deeper into the jungle.

Hopefully you will see more animals and enjoy the jungle nature. On the last day, enjoy a relaxing morning at camp before coming back by tube rafting.

7 Days Trek: =


Cost: IDR 8,350,000 p/p (2 or more people)

Duration: 7 Days / 6 nights 

Group Size: 3-6 persons

Fitness: High

Included: permit fee & HPI registration, 1 or 2 certified guides, porters, basic camping equipment, food, fruit and rafting back

On this trek you will get to discover the untouched rainforest of the Gunung Leuser National Park. Explore caves, swim in pristine rivers, take showers under impressive waterfalls, hike mountains with spectacular views, observe wild orangutans and other rare wildlife. You will be coming into Elephant territory and a highlight might be seeing Elephants poops or footprints. If you're super you may even spot one! 

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3 - 7 days trek

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