Already an eco-tourism destination, known as the 'Hidden Paradise' of North Sumatra.  Located on the border of the Gunung Leuser National Park, its home to a few Sumatran Elephants but offers forest, clean rivers and interesting geological marvels


Tangkahan is an eco-tourism destination located in Batang Seragan Langkat District and known as the 'hidden Paradise' because it sits at the junction of two rivers; the Buluh and Batang Rivers and is surrounded by  the Gunung Leuser National Park.


Just a 2.5 hour drive along a bumpy stoney road through large-scale oil palm plantations and villages, its the perfect place to relax and admire the natural scenery.


Tangkahan is famous for seeing the Sumatra Elephant that have been rescued, trained and are used partly for patrolling the forest, making it a unique destination in North Sumatra. Although many visitors come to see the Sumatra Elephants, Tangkahan has 17,000 hectares of virtually untouched forests with wild orangutans, waterfalls, caves and hot springs to explore. 


The small village of Tangkahan was built after local people saw the damage they were causing by actively logging between 1980 - 1990. The community decided to stop illegal logging within the Leuser area and develop the area into a sustainable eco-tourism destination.


In 2001, the community decided and agreed on fixed regulations that prohibit illegal logging and the Tangkahan Tourist Institute was established. From this the Conservation Response Unit was formed where troublesome elephants have been rescued, trained and with a group of mahouts patrol and protect the local forests. Visitors can join the elephants for morning and afternoon bathing, but this is something that we do not support, as elephant activity and exploitation in Asia is under current worldwide scrutiny.


Although we do not offer elephant bathing, we do offer a new experience where guests can walk with the elephants in the jungle. However, it is still possible to sometimes see the elephants by the river with their mahout and visitors can see them also in their outdoor pen.

We offer a varity of trekking options to see wild orangutans, waterfalls, caves and offer tubing activities. We are trying to develop more treks as part of our Eco Sustainable Program. By joining these treks, you are supporting the local guides and economy. This continuous support keeps the local people from illegal logging and other illegal activities.

Bat Cave Trek and River Fun

Trek for 2-3 hours through the less explored part of the Gunung Leuser National Park enjoying the incredible scenery. The trek can quite challenging, passing many large trees and a chance observe any wild animals, like Orangutans or Gibbons. Arriving at the cave, guests will see many bats and pass through several caverns. At the end of the cave, there is a natural hot spring to relax in, if its not too hot! Guests then cool off with the thrill of tubing back down the river.


Duration: 6 hours

Start: 6-7am from Bukit lawang

Included: guide with motorbike, local guide, permit fee, tubing

Cost: 850,000 p/p

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: Average

What to bring: rucksack with water, comfortable shoes, 

2 Day Cave Trek

Be a Caveman.....Trek in the jungle & sleep in a cave

Trek in the jungle for a full day, looking out for orangutans, gibbons, siamang or even a hornbill. The trek is quite challenging and no established trails. A true experience. The local guide will explain about the flora and fauna along the way. Lunch will be eaten at a suitable point before making your way to Goat Cave to spend the night. Here enjoy the waterfall, swim and relax. Enjoy dinner cooked over an open fire and the sounds of the jungle. Wake up to the sound of gibbons. After breakfast, guest will make their way back to the village.


Duration: 1.5 days

Start: 7am from Bukit lawang

Included: guide with motorbike, local guide, permit fee, food, fruit, camp equipment

Cost: ask for price

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: Average

What to bring: rucksack with water, comfortable shoes, swimming clothes, torch, suncream, insect repellant

Waterfall and Tubing

Trek to see one of the waterfalls, swim, relax and eat lunch at the waterfall before river tubing back down the river.

More info coming soon


Duration: 5 hours

Start: 8am from Bukit lawang

Included: guide with motorbike, local guide, lunch, fruit, tubing 

Cost: 700,000

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: Low

What to bring: rucksack with water, comfortable shoes, 

Walk with Elephants

Get up closs to Sumatran Elephants in their natural habitat without the touristic activity and scrutinised activity of riding them. Enjoy a 3 hour experience with first watching the elephants bath then an 2 hour trek walking with the elephants and their mahouts in the jungle 


Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Start: am from Bukit lawang

Included: guide with motorbike, local guide, permit fee, 

Cost: 1,260,000 idr p/p

Group Size: 1 - 4

Fitness: Low 

What to bring: rucksack with water, comfortable shoes, insect repellant, sun cream, flipflops

Note: If there is more than 2 people taking any of these activities, we recommend hiring a car for the day, as the cost can be shared and will be cheaper. 

Any of these Tangkahan activites can be enjoyed as part of the Orangutan & Elephant Tour, or they can be combined with the Sumatra Eco-Explorer Tour