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Pamah Semilir

Offering amazing view of jungle covered mountains, waterfalls and plenty of selfie photo spots, Pamah Semilir is a place not to be missed, offering camping under the stars or stay in 'Rumah Pohon', Tree House.


Pamah Semilir is located in the Langkat District, just 2.5 hours away from Bukit Lawang.


Pamah meaning basin/valley, its located by the Bukit Barisan range. With no large-scale oil palm monoculture, it provides amazing views of the Leuser National Park mountains and is one of the closest gates into the park. 


This place is not known to foreign tourists and has only been developed into a tourist destination in the last couple of years. It is known for the 'Rumah Pohon', Tree House Habitat, where local tourists come to relax and take photos.

And why not? .....

The air is clean and refreshing, and the views are breath-taking!


On the adjacent mountain, there are plenty of selfie spots and swings that hang over the valley. If visitors want to stay overnight, they have the option of camping on either mountain or can sleep at Rumah Pohon. Although most visitors come for the perfect selfie picture, there is more to explore with beautiful jungle or one of nearby waterfalls and crystal clear pools.

Take a day trip to this amazing place, stay over-night or enjoy it as part of our Orangutan & Volcano Tour. As part of our Eco-Sustainable Program, our aim is to explore this area more, make relationships with local people to bring more activities for tourist to see and enjoy.

Rumah Pohon Habitat & Yo's Hill

Day Trip to Pamah Semilir

Enjoy a 2.5 hour ride on the back of a motorbike or go by car, passing monoculture agriculture and rural villages.


You will stop at Lau Kulap, a natural swimming attraction. Brave the cold spring waters and pools whilst admiring the surrounding mountains and breathing clean air.


The journey will continue to Rumah Pohon Habitat, located on the side of a mountain up rocky tracks. Visitors will be consumed with clean air and amazing scenery. Relax and eat lunch whilst sitting in a tree house, before heading to the adjacent mountain, Yo's Hills for selfie spots. Enjoy incredible views and if your brave try the over-hanging swing. 

rumah pohon.jpg



Cost: IDR 1,300,000 for 1 person

Duration: 7 hours

Start: 8am from bukit lawang

Included: Certified guide with motorbike, entrance fee, lunch, fruit, parking fees

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: minimal

* price will be different if a car is hired. Suggested for2 + people

Waterfalls & Camping

Rather than rush a trip to pamah semilir, why not camp for 1 night?

Travel by motorbike or by car, passing monoculture scenery and rural villages. You will stop half way to explore the crystal clear waters of Kolam Abadi, then taking about an 1 hour trek/float through the river to Tongkat Waterfall. Clamber over rock, step through rapids, float and jump from the small cliffs.


Once changed, enjoy a cup of tea before continuing onto Pamah Semilir to enjoy the clean air and beautiful scenery. Stop along the way to get local lunch with views of the mountains.


Another short drive, you will reach Pamah Semilir. Drive up a stoney track before reaching Rumah Pohon Habitat. Set up camp, relax, play cards, watch the sunset and eat a simple dinner.

Wake up to sunrise or sleep in.


After breakfast, you will head to Yo's Hill for selfie photo fun and scary swings.

On return to Bukit Lawang, decide whether to stop at one of the natural swimming attractions. Brave to jump into the freezing water? Or just relax taking in the mountain scenery and air.

camping pamah semilir.jpg

Cost: please enquire

Duration: 2 days

Start: 7am bukit lawang

Included: Certified guide with motorbike, local guide, entrance fee, parking fees, camp

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: Average - High

Kolam Abadi & Tongkat Waterfall

Located just 2 hours away, visit the crystal clear waters of Kolam abadi and visit Tongkat (Stick) Waterfall.


On arriving, you will meet your local guide and be provided with life-jackets. With your local guide leading you, will trek through rubber plantations for about 20 minutes before making the decent down to Kolam abadi.


It is steep, but there is bamboo rails to hold to. At the bottom, a ravine with crystal clear water awaits for you to jump in. After a swim, photosand  a rest, you will be guided through the river for about an hour; clambering over rocks, through small rapids and sometimes sitting back and floating along.


Finally you will reach Tongkat waterfall. Here you can jump into the pool from the rock and sit on the stick under the waterfall. There is a short uphill trek for about 20-30 minutes back to the entrance. Once dry and changed, your guide will take you for lunch, before returning to Bukit Lawang.

* This can be combined with a visit to Rumah Pohon Habitat and/or Yo's Hills. Enquire for prices.



Cost: IDR 1,200,000 for 1 person

Duration: 7/8 hours

Start: 8am bukit lawang

Included: Certified guide with motorbike, local guide, entrance fee

Group Size: 1 - 5

Fitness: Average

Jodoh Waterfall

Visit Jodoh waterfall with permission only, located in the gunung leuser national park at Pamah Semilir.


With a local guide, trek up and downhill for 3 hours through dense forest. Clambering over and through tree roots. If your lucky you might see some gibbons or macaques. On arriving visitors will be amazed at the towering waterfall with a small pool which visitors can stand in. Alongside, another waterfall flowing thinly down the mountain. If the sun catches right, visitors will be blessed with a rainbow. If guests still have energy, visit rumah pohon afterwards.

jodoh waterfall.jpg

Cost: please enquire

Duration: 9 hours

Start: 7.30am from bukit lawang

Included: Certified guide with motorbike, local guide, entrance fee, parking fees, lunch and fruit

Group Size: 1-5

Fitness: Above average

If more than 2 persons want to do any of these day activities to Pamah Semilir, then we recommend hiring a car for the day as the cost would be cheaper

Note: Pamah Semilir can be enjoyed as a day trip on its own, but we recommend that it is enjoyed as part of the Orangutan and Volcano Tour or our special Sumtran Eco-Explorer Tour

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