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Creating positive change through responsible travel. We help you to travel right

Welcome to Sumatra EcoVentures


15 years trekking experience, project leadership, Orangutan research, hundreds of treks. We're the experts


Responsible trekking & tours, eco treks & small groups adventures for better travel 


We help locals earn money through hosting, workshops, eco-treks through their land

Sumatra EcoVentures: Who Are We

Sumatra EcoVentures is an eco-friendly organisation with a combined 15 years experience in wildlife conservation, guiding and trekking. We offer unique adventures exploring North Sumatra's wildlife and culture.


We are dedicated to quality ethical treks and tours.

We love nature and care for the planet. We worry how travelers impact the environment in North Sumatra.  Our trips and programs reduce the impact on the environment through community-based tourism. We believe that ecotourism is a great way to raise awareness and 

 educate visitors the importance of sustainability and preserving the environment.

Our Core Value: Respect Nature & Preserve Local Culture and Traditions

Get out in nature

Sumatran Orangutan with baby responisble jungle trek.jpg
Responsible Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang is one of the main gateways to the amazing Gunung Leuser National Park, home to the Sumatran Orangutan. Providing responsible trekking so visitors can enjoy but by preserving the environment


Learn and Contribute

Limestone rock formations at Eco-Treks

Eco - Treks

Treking near Landak River, located just 4km from Bukit Lawang. The hidden forests sit beside the river and overlook the Leuser National Park. Scarce of tourists, peaceful and diverse. Eco-Trekking here is a real experience. A great place to explore.

Live the Adventure

Siamang gibbon in Bukit Lawang jungle trek.jpg
Off the Beaten Treks

There are several villages bordering the Leuser National Park that should be explored, each offering something different. Elephants & waterfalls at Tangkahan or the famous Rafflesia  flower and Gibbons at Batu Katak or amazing waterfalls near Pamah Semilir

 Discover North Sumatra's Rainforest, Wildife & Culture in an Eco-Friendly Way 

Our unique eco-travel treks and tours offer a wide range of trips all around North Sumatra to experience local communities, nature and wildlife in an authentic and meaningful way.


These all include elements of adventure, learning, cultural immersion and sustainability, so it is more than being a careless tourist.


Ecotourism to help educate, raise awareness and change, so you can go back a better person 


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Our core focus and responsibility is to support local people and communities through responsible travel.

Popular Cultural Activities & Local Tours 

Natural Cosmetics

NEW - Eco Workshops - NEW

How We Make a Difference


Maximum group

size of 6 people, making for a better trek experience



Our aim is to continue and develop better guidelines, training, more social projects so everyone benefits


We work closely with local people and communities


Discover North Sumatra by choosing over 30 activities 


Our tours are customizable so you can add extra activities or design your own tour

Travelling with us means it's not just better trips for you, but better for local communities, better for wildlife and better for the planet.

Volunteer at Bukit Lawang School.jpg


Be part of positive changes

Sumatra EcoVentures are proud supporters of two educational programs in Bukit Lawang and actively involved with one Eco-farm. Come and help teach English to local children or if getting your hands dirty is more your thing, help with planting, harvesting rice, fruit and vegetables.

Travel and Give Something Back

We understand that wherever we go, we leave something behind - our economic impact, our environmental footprint or our social ideas.  So rather than just travel, try to give something back and volunteer and help.

Sumatra EcoVentures Partners & Friends

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