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Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Sumatra EcoVentures was created in 2016, after a young English women met a local guide in the village of Bukit Lawang, with dreams of how to develop conservation and change trekking practices in North Sumatra  

There names are Louise and Heri - two different backgrounds but both with a passion to explore North Sumatra, discover off the beaten places, it's wildlife and to preserve it. To work with local people and organisations, through community-based tourism. And create amazing adventures in an eco-friendly sustainable way.

From first creating a facebook page to showcase the amazing jungle, its wildlife and unique biodiversity to working with local guides to take guests trekking responsibly in  Gunung Leuser National Park.
Now with an official website offering ethically responsible travel in North Sumatra and a newly built ecolodge.

From the Beginning

Louise and Heri first met in 2014 in Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra. Louise was volunteering with the Orangutan Health Project (OHP) as a Project Co-orinator and Heri was working in a guesthouse as a Trekking Guide. 

What they didn't realise in the beginning that their different backgrounds and experiences could be a powerful tool for a successful eco-friendly trekking and tour organisation.

Exploring & Road Trips

Exploring and Road Trips


Finishing at the project, Louise stayed in Bukit Lawang. Over the years, Louise's passion for exploring and travelling, took her and Heri on different excursions in North Sumatra. Travelling like a local, either on cramped buses or by motorbike, and then many road trips ahead, they have discovered many off the beaten places, only known to local tourists.

What they discovered were remote hot spring, natural swimming pools and waterfalls, incredible foretsts and rivers. They saw that in these 'off the beaten places' local people were already trying to develop tourism, but without any knowledge of how, these places are beginning to get choked by plastic.


It was like a 'light bulb moment', surely we could help local communties develop sustainably and other travellers would be interested in exploring these places too?

Establishing Responsible Guiding & Treks

Establishing Responsible Guiding and Trekking

As a new travel organisation, it's important for us to build a solid reputation for being eco-friendly. We choose our guides which are passionate and want to make a change. By working with us, they will be able to sharpen their skills and improve their knowledge through regular training. Over time, hopefully they will become leaders in conservation and sustainable treks and tours in North Sumatra.

Sumatra EcoVentures is improving the way we and you trek. Leading the way with small groups, using eco-friendly sustainable lunch packaging and providing reusable water bottles. As we develop we want to stay true to our core values, develop eco sustainable treks and tours which benefit the environment, local people and communities.

Adventures, Cultures & Traditions

Jungle, Villages, Volcanoes, Culture & Traditions 

North Sumatra is known for its jungle and Orangutans, but there is so much more on the doorstep to satisfy the majority seeking adventures or cultures. Having explored North Sumatra, Sumatra EcoVenutures now runs more than just your standard jungle treks, with eco - treks in off the beaten places, unique specialized treks and whole load of cultural activities to suit everyones interests.

Sumatra EcoVentures is still adding to it's list of treks & itineraries in North Sumatra, to provide responsible travel to wonderful remote places.

What's Next?

What's Next

We have just finished building our own ecolodge on a former rubber plantation. The aim - to bring it back to a diverse environment. Our land and ecolodge is located at Landak River with views of the Gunung Leuser National Park and sits in front of a fragmented forest. The ecolodge was built with sustainability in mind. Local natural resources have been used, such as bamboo, drift wood etc. We have a full septic tank system with a reed bed and harvest rain water. We would like to develop biogas from compost and install solar panels.

Whats Next? Now in 2023, we are in the next stage of building. We are builidng a round bunglow at the front of the house, which will over look the montains. Then we are planning to build an outdoor sitting area with an outdoor kitchen underneath. Once this is finshed, onto the the yogsa place at the top of the land.

After a full day of exploring or trekking, we know its important to be able to  relax. This will be a place exactly for that! Surrounded by trees and nature and a river to relax by. Yoga and meditation classes on site. With a vegetarian and vegan cafe/restaurant to kick back and enjoy some healthy smoothies.

You can read more about our eco-build and conservation plans here.


 Our Mission, Our Dream

Sumatra EcoVentures formed as a social enterprise with the aim of working together with local people and communities. To support and promote their services, and bring them travellers/backpackers looking for something different in North Sumatra. By developing community-based ecotourism, our guides, local guides, local people and the environment benefit.

And, of course you, the guest also! 

Our vision is that you, our guests as well as the environment, wildife and the local people are at the heart of our business


Sustainable EcoTourism is the ultimate approach to preserving the environment, safe-guarding its wildlife for a prosperous future for humans and nature! It is our responsibility to help conserve these areas as well as promote them to provide a fair income for local people and communities. We strive to cause minimal impact on the environment, local cultures and traditions.

By joining us, you are guarenteed to have a fantastic adventure with our experienced guides

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Sumatra EcoVentures Partners & Friends

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